Make Sure Your New Home Is Skeleton Free: What You Need to Know About Conveyancing Solicitors and Why You Need One

Maybe you’re selling your home and you’ve found the perfect little Tudor style house in your favourite neighbourhood. There’s a lovely little park nearby, and a quaint pub around the corner. You’re ready to sign the papers and move in yesterday, but you can’t shake the feeling you’re not getting the best deal.

If this sounds relatively close to your situation, consider hiring legal conveyancing solicitors in Nottingham. But the truth is that you shouldn’t wait for this type of situation or the sneaking suspicion you’re not getting all the information about your future property to reach out to a conveyancing solicitor. Any time you’re considering investing in property, take a second to talk with a solicitor, because they might save you quite a few pounds or from a very bad deal.

What Exactly Is a Conveyancing Solicitor?

That’s a fairly good question, considering quite a few people attempt to do conveyance work on their future property without consulting a solicitor. The thing is that conveyancing solicitors aren’t just the people that draw up contracts and transfer titles; they can do far more. Everything from helping to assess your mortgage offer to pointing out issues identified by the surveyor to searching through local records to see if there are any larger issues with your potential home. No, they aren’t scouring records for potential crimes, but they will let you know if there are environmental or health risks, constraints on future planning, or even boundary disputes that go back decades.

Additional Services They Provide

Conveyancing solicitors are usually also well-versed in other areas of the law and can help you with other aspects of the homebuying or selling process. Some additional services include the following:

  • Updating your living will
  • Placing properties in trust
  • Equity release
  • Re-mortgages
  • Land sales and purchases
  • Representation at auction

So Why Do I Need a Conveyancing Solicitor?

As mentioned previously, this is something you can attempt to do yourself, but it’s not worth the risk. Trained solicitors know exactly what to look for, and you wouldn’t want to risk missing something or failing to do your due diligence as a homebuyer that might lead to trouble down the road.

Conveyancing solicitors will go over contracts for you with a fine-toothed comb to point out any glaring issues and make sure you understand every aspect of what you’re signing. This means letting you know whether the view of the park from your perfect Tudor house might be obscured by some ridiculous statue in the future, or if the previous owners neglected to disclose that there might be asbestos or lead paint lurking under the quaint floral wallpaper around the house.

Conveyancing solicitors are advocates for you. They will guide you through the buying or selling process every single step of the way and do the research so you don’t have to. Conveyancing solicitors make sure you get the best deal possible and help with all the daunting legal paperwork, so you get the house of your dreams without any lingering skeletons in the closet.