A Quick Overview of Divorce Process in Tennessee!

Divorces are hard, but the complications of getting divorced are even more complicated. It is not just about the couple anymore; property, assets, and children are involved, and it is best to seek legal help right at the start, so that all complex matters can be sorted as amicably as possible. Divorce laws vary by state, at least in the US, so you need to check what legal implications may apply to your case. In this post, we take a look at divorce process in Tennessee.

Getting started

The first step is to get the paperwork done. Your lawyer will explain everything that pertains to the procedure, which includes the need to submit a Certificate of Divorce. Once the papers have been filed, the same will be served to the spouse by the Clerk of Court, with compliant and summons. When the paper has been served, the divorce proceedings are considered to be underway. Keep in mind that many things may decide the time required to get the divorce. This includes the nature of divorce – contested or uncontested, minor children, custody, and distribution of assets. If you don’t have minor children, the procedure can be completed in just two months, depending on the other things. You can learn more about TN divorces here.

Separation vs. divorce

It is possible to separate in Tennessee without getting divorced. This is called legal separation, where couples can remain married, but everything including property is mutually divided. They also create a plan for child custody and necessary alimony aspects as required. Basically, when you want to reap the financial and legal advantages of being married to someone, legal separation is the right thing to do.

Uncontested vs. contested divorce

In case of uncontested divorce, things are settled beyond the courtroom, because the couple doesn’t have anything to fight for but differences that may seem irreconcilable. Uncontested divorce is only possible after staying separated for at least two years. Uncontested divorce is what a professional and genuine lawyer will recommend because it saves both time and money. In case of contested divorce, reasons can be many, such as impotence, adultery, abandonment, neglect and so on.

If you have decided to part ways, talk to a lawyer who can actually help in smoothing the process, so that legal battle can be avoided. You can create a complete plan as how things like assets and custody will be handled after separation.