Find the Right Solicitor and Proceed with Peace of Mind

Who needs a solicitor?

The better question would be, “When do I need a solicitor?”

At some point in every life, a solicitor will be exactly the professional who you should call on. In some situations, you may have to get in touch with a legal expert who works in a limited number of areas within the larger field of law. In fact, solicitors are increasingly specialising in one or two sectors.

But you can find the assistance that you need when you contact a firm with several experts on staff, each one capable of handling his or her specialty in a professional and efficient manner. Just be prepared to explain in general terms the type of legal help that you need. The representative you talk to will make sure that you’re guided to the correct individual.

Peace of Mind

You can work with these specialists with peace of mind because they are required to have the certificate issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This means that they are qualified to practice and must follow the Code of Conduct established by that organisation. Solicitors in larger firms can consult with others in the same office and also have access to additional staff to move your case forward more efficiently. This is one benefit of working with a firm providing comprehensive legal services.

When you work with a firm such as JWP Solicitors, for example, you can turn to them for help with divorce, issues involving children and childcare, domestic abuse, wills and probate, road traffic defence, criminal defence, services for the elderly, personal injury, licensing, and speeding offences. Each solicitor is a specialist in a specific field, which means that you can proceed with confidence that your case is being pursued in the most professional manner.

As you first make contact with a representative of the firm, be sure that you ask about how fees will be handled. Leading providers of legal assistance may charge an hourly rate and can usually give you an accurate estimate of likely cost. It’s important that you receive regular billing so that you’re not confronted with a large amount when the work is completed. Firms may also work on a fixed-price plan, especially within the family law and matrimonial law areas. You can usually choose which method you want to use to pay for services.

On the Subject of Money

While you’re considering the subject of paying solicitor fees, you should always inform your legal professional upfront if you are receiving benefits or have income that might qualify you for legal aid. Some solicitors do legal aid work and others don’t so you should clear this up before the work begins. You should also clarify whether your case can be, or will be, handled on a contingency basis. Again, some solicitors don’t offer this, while many others do. Talk to your solicitor about a “no win, no fee” arrangement.

If you win your case, the solicitor receives a percentage of the settlement amount. If you lose your case, you don’t have to pay your solicitor. But it’s important to know if this is offered by the firm that you’re working with. It’s essential that you work with someone who will understand that you’re stressed and will be sympathetic when discussing details of your case.

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