Drafting a Will in Today’s Day and Age: The Benefits of Working with a Professional Legal Team

Contrary to popular belief, drafting a will and final testament is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones, especially if you’d like your last wishes to be executed in a methodical, proportional manner.

However, if you still have some doubts or misgivings about the crucial nature of this late-life undertaking, take a moment to peruse the edifying facts and figures shown below:

  • More than half of today’s UK citizens have failed to establish a certified will and final testament.
  • If a Briton passes away without a viable will in place, his or her loved ones will have to depend on archaic regulations and bylaws to distribute the estate, some of which are upwards of 80 years old.
  • The estate taxes, fees, and expenses are significantly higher if the deceased individual neglected the task of creating a will.
  • Without a workable will in place, the municipal government will become the official executor of your final wishes after you pass away.
  • An official, notarised will allows you to distribute your possessions, properties, and accounts to anyone, regardless of whether you have a familial relationship with the person(s) in question.
  • The guardianship of your surviving children will be in question if you disregard the implications of today’s probate regulations.

As you might imagine, the onus is on you to partner with a dependable legal team like Heritage Wills, to facilitate the creation and authorisation of your will and final testament.

However, it’s important to understand exactly what you stand to gain by partnering with a reputable attorney in today’s day and age. This brief article will help you fill in the blanks.

Comprehensive Assistance

From property title changes and powers of attorney situations to trusts, document storage, and of course, the drafting of your living will and final testament, your legal team will be able to provide a top-to-bottom solution for anything you might need during this integral enterprise. This ensures that you won’t have to work with multiple organisations to facilitate an inclusive will and final testament; all of the expertise you need will be under one roof.

Complimentary Home Visit

Let’s face it; drafting a will is stressful, nerve-wracking, and largely bothersome, which is why the most renowned legal firms pride themselves on being able to provide a personalised, offsite appointment option. With this advantageous service at your disposal, you’ll be able to schedule a toll-free meeting with highly-trained legal professionals, regardless of your specific locale. Whether you happen to be on the job, at home, or in a medical facility, your attorneys will be there for you at a moment’s notice.

Unmatched Expertise

Due in large part to the overly complex, multifaceted nature of today’s legal environment, it’s worth mentioning that the only way to ensure the implementation of your final wishes is to partner with a distinguished law firm, especially if your desires and plans are specific and nuanced.

Fortunately for you, the most reputable law firms are able to tout the following traits and characteristics:

  • 15+ years of experience in the will and probate arena.
  • Various accreditations, such as recognitions from the Institute of Professional Willwriters and the Trading Standards Institute.
  • Wide range of client testimonials and first-hand accounts to ensure a personalised, comprehensive service.
  • Numerous offices in a multitude of locations.